And we’re off to the races!


So with a little sleep, some big ideas, beers, coffee (when it works) and cola the 11 teams have been racing towards tomorrow nights final pitches. All the teams gave a status update and it looks like we’ve got some early prototypes already up and running.

Mentors have arrived and are currently on their way around to all the different teams providing some valuable insight and knowledge on how to kick-ass and take home the prize and title of the SWCPH winner. For the mentors we managed to get a great gang together including:

  1. Steffen Christensen – @steffentchr – CTO of 23 VIDEO, and specialist in all things interweb!
  2. Anette Nørgaard – @AnetteDK – from Microsoft Bizspark and major sponsor of SWCPH
  3. Willi Wu – @williwu – IOS App guru from Robocat
  4. Kasper Tidemand – From Meeho
  5. Toke Kruse – – From Billy’s Billing
  6. Bo Koch-Christensen – From CSE
Each of these guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we’re really happy that they’ve given up some of their weekend to help out the teams! Now time for coffee & cake.